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An ancient African fable tells of the day when a great forest fire broke out. All the animals left their burrows and ran away in fear. As it fled fast as lightning, the lion saw a hummingbird flying in the opposite direction. "Where do you think you're going?" asked the king of the forest "There's a fire. We have to escape." The hummingbird replied "I'm going to the lake, to collect water in its beak to throw on the fire." The lion shouted "Are you crazy? Don't you think you can put out a gigantic fire with four drops of water !?" Then the hummingbird concluded: "I'm doing my part."

You too become a Hummingbird

Your good intentions
  • 01 - Preserve the biodiversity of life forms existing on earth

  • 02 - Ensure that renewable natural resources are used in a sustainable way

  • 03 - Promote initiatives and measures that aim to reduce pollution and waste of resources

Do Your Part

Mother Earth Needs the

"Your Help"


432 Hz is the frequency used
from Mozart, Verdi, Pink Floyd,
John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix

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